Your Health

Happiness equals Health


 It’s not new that your health is linked to your happiness but many people aren’t aware of the extent to which their happiness matters. This study gives you the benefits of being optimistic, having good coping strategies, and developing positive relationships.

What works with Weight Loss


Looks like there's no quick and easy way to shed pounds. Weight loss is only gained in one, or more, of three ways. Lifestyles changes, medications, or surgery. All other gimmicks just won't cut it. 

What did he say?


Healthy literacy is simply ones ability to understand the language of health professionals. How often have you spoken to a medical professional and felt like you had no idea of what they said? promotes effective communication in health.

Go to Bed


Recent research found that those who get sufficient sleep and rise earlier in the morning are less likely to experience cardiovascular problems. This is due in fact to better habits and retention of energy.

Likelihood of living to 90


A norwegian study that began over 30 years ago found that your likelihood of living until 90 depends a lot on your height and weight. They found that those with a taller stature and of whom had gained fewer pounds over the years lived a longer life.

Winter Weather


Most of the country is knee deep (pun intended :) in winter weather. Be sure to keep yourself warm and out of harms way through the rest of the winter. Follow these guidelines published by the CDC.

All About Nutrition


Some of you have heard this before but let's's all about what you put into your body! If you are looking to lose or gain weight, you must focus on nutrition. Check out this CNN report breaking down the facts.

Announce coming events


Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.